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I love when Doki and Navi hug in the airport.

By the way, to the guy who had a review entitled "fail" you are retarded. It doesn't mean something is what you say, but no. It means you shouldn't be afraid to be different if you love it. The "There she is!!" series is in a racist world. Navi loves Doki, but he is afraid to because others will hate him for it. Love is love, you can't change it. You are utterly stupid if you can't see it, it is so obvious. The "There she is!!" series is the best series on Newgrounds, and I will continue to love it, because this series shows how two people in love overcame racism to find that they really do love each other and they both couldn't deny it. I love this series.

Good Job! But there were some mistakes.

A movie as epic as this should not be disrespected, but Krinkels, even you make mistakes. I can point out 3, a that was as many as I saw.

1: I saw that when Deimos got out of the truck to grab Hank, the 133t that he shot in the head 3 times wasn't there.

2: After Deimos pretended to be a 133t and got whacked by Sanford, in the part where Deimos puts the bloody knife in his right hand to grab Hank with his left, the knife disappears for a split second as soon as the knife touches his right hand.

3: In the Sanford and Auditor sword-fight scene, the Auditor has no feet.

That is all, but all in all, great movie.

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It's not breath taking, but that was a pretty nice flash! Learn how to speed things up a bit and use 33 FPS, then you will be on the rode to becoming a madness flash master!

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I love it! Gravity, movement, everything! But make the different enemies different colors, not multiple shades of one color, also, give the flying guys jet packs. Really nice game man, really nice game!


Awesome, you pick the best intros.
I could watch it fifty times in a row and still not be tired of it.
In fact I've watched the intro so many times that I almost know the full song by heart.

Boss battle- awesome
End twist- surprising
The whole movie-...............................
......... lol
Great movie.

its ok

Not the best game,but its ok.when you make the next game though, put in something like you can put away your weapon and get new ones.Either from a shop
or pick ups or both,you decide.

DannyP responds:

That's an interesting idea, but the fighters aren't trained with all those weapons... Someone like Yu Chen is used to wielding a huge sword, not swinging a mace around. I do like your idea, but I'll have to reject it for these games ;[

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