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HeY y'AlL!!1!

2010-06-11 17:29:29 by Madnessdude67

Sup ya'll? I'm finally comin' back to N-to the-G. Summer starts for me this Wednesday. I've got a new, faster computer, just got Flash 8 installed, and I'ma go work on... don't know yet. Peace out!


Weapon Pack

2009-05-07 08:29:20 by Madnessdude67

Hello all! That advertisement will be coming, but until then, let's talk about something I'm doing currently.

Have you ever wanted to use detailed, and shaded cartoon drawings but never ha the art skills to make them? Well no more! I'm making a weapon pack full of cartoon style drawings detailed and shaded, ranging from a log of wood to infinity, whatever I can think of, give me ideas, and I'll see what I can do! I'll post a screen shot up later.

I currently have 10 weapons and another piece of art for the special weapon!

Might as well...

2009-04-24 18:12:10 by Madnessdude67

I might as well make another post. I'm bored right now.

Madness rules, yahoo.

I'm bored. See ya later.

New Flash!

2009-04-22 22:46:52 by Madnessdude67

Check it out here.

Rock Band 2

2009-04-21 20:53:16 by Madnessdude67

I'm bored, so I might as well make this.

If anyone would like to team up on RB2 for the Wii with me, feel free.

I'm great at easy and paving my way to medium.

Again, if anyone wants to play, I'll be happy to.

Check it out here.

Now, what I find retarded is that Newgrounds lets you vote on YOUR OWN submissions. I was gonna experiment and see if I could vote on my own flash, and as you may have guessed, it actually took the vote.

Dumb huh?

In a game, would you rather fight a guy trying to smash you with a candy machine, or a guy with 4 arms, duel revolvers, and 2 SMGs?

St. Patties Day Gift: Rush Delivery

2009-03-17 18:15:37 by Madnessdude67

As a St. Patties Day Gift to you all, I'm gonna give you some rush delivery on the new music video I'm making. It'll probably be done within a few hours. Don't worry, it won't be crappy. I'll give you some specs.


However long the song is is how long the music is.

Decent cartoon drawings.

"Life is a Highway" Music track.

You can pretty much guess the rest very easily by the song selection.

This time I'm not going for something hard to animate. If I ever try to animate now, I close up flash as I'm setting up the layers because I thought that it would suck, but I'm going through with this one.

See you all later, I've wasted enough time already.

I've hit the 01:00 mark!

New Game Under Development

2009-02-13 21:07:18 by Madnessdude67

Right now I have just started development on a new project. It's going to be a Sniper Game. I won't leak any details yet, but let's just say, I plan it to be big. When I say big, I mean BIG. So yeah. Just thought I would share that with you all.

Woohoo! Go Steelers!

2009-02-02 09:37:43 by Madnessdude67

The Steelers won the Super Bowl! Woohoo! 100 friggin' yards Harrison? You made history man. Mike Tomlin? Congratulations man, or should I say youngest couch! Number 6 baby, number 6! Six Super Bowls! If I remember right, then that fumble was what helped us win! Good job Big Ben, for not getting sacked. And good job Steelers. You made my day!